In January 2019, my husband, Neil and I went to a short mission trip to Ambassador for Jesus Christ (AFJC) in the Philippines after we heard the Holy Spirit instructed us to do so.

We decided, since our children are so young, they can stay with grandpa. This was met with much resistance from some family members to the point of stern rebuke. But we had to obey the Lord.

At the time, going means using up our savings and I have not got a job, and my husband only works part-time. The salary was not able to pay for our expenses. When we decided to buy the flight ticket, further instruction came. The Lord said that he wants us to preach in prison. The provision came after we purchased the ticket by faith. Brisbane Christian College offered me a job and to top it off, our children received 50% off their tuition fee. My new employer even agreed for me to start work one week later, which means we do not have to change our flight ticket.

While we were there, we grow in our passion and hunger that we can also one day be used so powerfully like the AFJC missionaries, I guess we are in the process of becoming all He wants us to be. We desire to wake up with one aim each morning, proclaiming the gospel to the lost.

We thank God for his leading in our growth.

Neil and Alexandra Lai
Café Barista and School Canteen Helper
Family IC, Hope Church Willawong