After the excitement and celebrations of Christmas, we are quickly approaching the closing of 2018. It is always helpful to take some time to ponder about the past year. Are there some lessons to be learnt? Are there things we should avoid in future years? Things to improve upon for 2019?

If we are to grow as a person I find it is very helpful to aim specifically to grow in a couple of areas. Perhaps we could make a more audacious goal in our life? Perhaps to try something audacious? For Jesus did not come to help us be more secure and comfortable in our existing lives. He came to transform us and our lives. That we may start living for Him. Surely an audacious journey. Every audacious step we make with Him leads us deeper into His purposes for us. That has been my experience.

Living audaciously is surely about faith in God. For trusting in God will mean living audaciously. Though we should not make the mistake to think that living audaciously necessarily means trusting God. By keeping close to God, we would not make that error.

I pray that 2019 will mean a year of walking closer with God and into His purposes for me, you and Hope Church. Together, we can see greater things come into being.

May 2019 be a blessed and audacious year, in God.

Ps. Wilson Lim