The Hub is an initiative driven by our heart and passion to see the working adults develop personally and professionally by inviting subject matter experts to share their knowledge and experience. This initiative intends to provide for the ideal avenue for working adults and similar groups to invite friends by hosting professional development events. There are also refreshments and networking time at the end of each event to allow for the opportunity to build professional and social contacts.

Under the direction of Joan Foo, The Hub committee members Antonius Silaen, Eva Silaen, Michelle Lee, Patrick Nguyen and Fatima Lay have all been instrumental in delivering three successful events to date for The Hub this year. It has been such a privilege to have highly esteemed guest speakers delivered both excellent and relevant topics to our target audience. We would like to thank and honour each of the following:
1. Kody Thompson, Founder of WodSites, Making Your Dream a Reality
2. Sue Schoonbeek, Nurse Manager, Winning with People
3. Tony Lee, Founder and CEO of Lee and Lee Group, Financial Wisdom: from Ordinary to Abundance

For each Hub event, we were pleased to host approximately 90 to 100 attendees. The feedback we have received from attendees has indicated that the events have been interesting, informative and interactive. We would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who assisted with video recording, photographing, graphic designs, emceeing and for everyone’s donations and support with this new venture. We are thankful for what The Hub has achieved to date and are excited about what is to come with The Hub in the coming year with your continued support.

To keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on in The Hub you can connect with us via:

  • Facebook: /TheHubBrisbane
  • Instagram: /thehub.bne
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The Hub Brisbane Team

    Oceania Conference / Speaker


    Pastor Wilson Lim is the founding and senior pastor for Hope Church in Brisbane and also serves as an Elder with Hope International Ministries. He was a former research scientist with CSIRO. Pastor Wilson also serves on the Board of a community services organization, Australian Care and Trauma Services (ACTS) and previously on an interdenominational Bible college. He is recognised for his balanced, in-depth teaching and engaging-style of expository preaching. His passion is teaching, equipping leaders and building the church.  He travels extensively to minister to HIM churches in different parts of the world.

    Oceania Conference / Speaker


    Pastor Simon Eng graduated as a Civil Engineer from Melbourne, Australia. In 1992, together with a team, they pioneered Hope Kuching and the church has successfully produced many leaders and pioneers to this day. In 2001, Pastor Simon and family moved back to Kuala Lumpur to be the Senior Pastor of Hope Kuala Lumpur. Pastor Simon is currently also the President of Hope International Ministries. He travels extensively to minister to various regional churches of Hope. He loves to build God’s people and is actively serving to fulfill God’s Great Commission.

    Oceania Conference / Speaker


    Rev. D. Ravi Sundar is a leader with zeal, committed to God-given vision and founded Shalom Church in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 2001. Pastor Ravi is a well-known and well-respected preacher who has traveled to over 16 nations declaring the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ in Churches, sharing principles of leadership at Seminars, encouraging pastors conducting prayer drives and planted 76 churches across the countries Sri Lanka, Fiji and Philippines.

    A shepherd at heart, he identifies and understands the challenges of pastoral ministry and makes every effort to uplift pastors and their families. He strongly believes that Church must make an impact on society. The ministry of Pastor Ravi reaches to thousands of people across India and his messages are a blessing to the sick, the brokenhearted and to those who are helpless.


    Oceania Conference

    EARLY BIRD (ends 31/5)

    WA, NZ & International

    Adults / Youth / Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $124


    Adults - $144
    Youth (13 - 17 years) - $124
    Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $144

    What's included?

    • A cup of freshly brew coffee
    • All meals provided (3 lunches & 2 dinners)
    • Refreshments
    • Special demographic sphere sessions for families, working adults, uni students and youth.

    Oceania Conference


    WA, NZ & International

    Adults / Youth (13 - 17 years) / Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $149


    Adults - $179
    Youth (13 - 17 years) - $159
    Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $179

    What's included?

    • A cup of freshly brew coffee
    • All meals provided (3 lunches & 2 dinners)
    • Refreshments
    • Special demographic sphere sessions for families, working adults, uni students and youth.

    Oceania Conference


    All Part-Time Registrations

    Per Day (includes lunch and dinner) - $60
    Per Night (no meal provided) - $30

    Oceania Conference



    $15 (without meal)
    $55 (with 3 lunches and 2 dinners)

    Kids conference is a fun, safe and action-packed program with music, bible-teaching lessons and games for children, which runs concurrently with all sessions at Oceania Convention. This conference is for children from Prep – Grade 6.


    5 JULY
    8:45 / Sign in
    9:00 / Session 1 (Worship & Bible Lession)
    10:40 / Morning Tea
    11:00 / Lunch
    13:00 / Session 3 & Outdoor Fun
    15:00 / Finish
    18:00 / Night Session 1 & Movie Night
    20:30 / Finish

    7 JULY
    8:45 / Sign in
    9:00 / Worship with main congregation
    9:45 / Back in Room
    10:15 / Morning Tea
    10:45 / Session 7, Wrap Up, Prayer and Soaking
    12:00 / Finish

    6 JULY
    8:45 / Sign in
    9:00 / Session 4 (Worship & Bible Lession)
    10:40 / Morning Tea
    11:00 / Session 5
    12:00 / Lunch
    13:30 / Session 6, Talent Time
    14:45 / Finish
    18:00 / Night Session 2, Camp Fire & Showtime
    20:30 / Finish

    Photographs will be taken at the Kids’ Conference. Please advise the conference organiser or the photographer on the day if you do not wish for your photo to be taken.

    Oceania Conference


    Thursday, 5 July

    Registration: 8:30am
    Session 1: 9:00am
    Break: 10:40am
    Session 2: 11:00am
    Lunch: 12:00pm
    Breakout Sessions: 1:00pm
    Free Time: 3:00pm
    Dinner: 4:45pm
    Session 3: 6:00pm

    Saturday, 7 July

    Session 7: 9:00am
    Break: 10:40am
    Session 8: 11:20am
    Closing: 12:05pm
    Lunch: 12:20pm

    Friday, 6 July

    Session 4: 9:00am
    Break: 10:40am
    Session 5: 11:00am (demographic spheres)
    Lunch: 12:00pm
    Breakout Sessions: 1:30pm (optional)
    Free Time: 2:45pm
    Dinner: 4:45pm
    Session 6: 6:00pm (Missions)

    (Schedule is subject to change)

    Oceania Conference

    Breakout & Demographics Spheres

    This session is to provide the avenue for people who are passionate about living out love on a particular frontline, to come together and exchange practical ideas of doing it personally or together.

    Day 1 / Breakout Topics

    / Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviour: To encourage & inspire parents to live and love from God’s perspective through every season of parenting.

    / Swimming Against The Tide: To inspire youth to live out who God calls them to be, in the midst of pressures and expectations of who the world that tells them they should be.

    / Sharing Hope in Crisis: To shed light of God’s heart for people in dealing with crisis in life (could be day-to-day life events). To learn how we can be the hands and feet to bring hope into the situation.

    / Simplify Your Life for the Gospel: To inspire the church to live a life uncompromised and worthy of the gospel on a daily basis. To challenge people to drop the ‘baggage’ hindering them to soar in faith.

    / Apologetics (Evidence that demands a verdict): To learn to provide answers to tough questions about our Christian faith.

    / Discipling Millennnials: To equip mentors and leaders to impact to the millennial generation while still being relevant to them.

    / How to develop leadership skills for life: To encourage people and provide tips on how to be a good steward and learn to lead in life (outside the church).

    Day 2 / Demographic Spheres

    / Family: Getting Real about Marriage

    / Working Adults: God at Work, 9 to 5 Window, Thank God it's Monday!

    / Students: Living in God's Mission Field

    / Youth: Ready to Soar at your Next Life Station

    Day 2 / Breakout Topics (Optional)

    / I want to communicate God's Word to others in a helpful way

    / I want to finance God's kingdom (working adults)

    / I want to raise godly children (families)

    / I want to reach communities

    / I want to reach out to my colleagues (working adults)

    / I want to reach out to my parents/siblings

    / I want to reach out through the creative arts

    Oceania Conference


    Interstate Delegates

    Please book your flights to leave Brisbane after 5pm.

    Oceania Conference


    11 + 8 =

    Oceania Conference

    Pre-School Program

    We understand that it can be challenging for parents with tiny tots to attend a full-day conference. Therefore, in this conference, we will be providing preschool daytime program for children from 2 years old to pre-prep. So that the parents can enjoy the conference while the little ones are taken care by our wonderful volunteers.

    Share Your Story

    Sharing your story is simply telling what God has done in your life. Your story is a gift from God to bless others.

    We love to celebrate every story we receive and we always look for opportunities to share what God is doing in the lives of people at Hope through events, social media, and online.

    Whether you’ve been with us since day one or just joined us recently, we want to hear your story! If you need help putting your story into words, try this simple step-by-step writing guide.

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