In the final year of my pharmacy degree, I began searching for a place to complete my internship year in Brisbane. For me, my ideal internship would be with a pharmacy where the staff members are friendly and would be willing to teach and guide me. Upon the many applications, I received two offers – an offer by a standalone pharmacy and another from a chain retail pharmacy. 

Upon receiving the offers, I was more inclined to choose the smaller pharmacy as I had previously work with them and everyone I’ve worked with was really helpful and friendly. However, I encountered some issues in obtaining a work visa. I was told that my only option to obtain a work visa would be via employer sponsorship. I told both pharmacy of my situation and the chain pharmacy gladly offered to sponsor my visa, however, I was really reluctant to work with them because I did not have the best impression of them. The smaller pharmacy was also happy to provide sponsorship, however, their sponsorship process was complex and did not guarantee that I would get my visa.

Both pharmacies offered something the other did not and that made it really difficult for me to decide. I know I had to make a decision but I was so afraid that I would regret the decision I make. I was lost.

I decided to pray and ask God for His guidance but the fear within me was so overwhelming that I could not hear anything from God. Hence, I decided to seek advice from my peers, but what I received was mixed opinions and that still left me to make my own decision. In the end, I chose the bigger company because I thought that getting a visa and staying in Brisbane was my priority. 

Not long after, I found out that I could actually apply for my own work visa. My heart sank. If only I knew that I was able to apply for my own visa, I would not have to go through the stress of many sleepless and anxious nights. For almost 6 months I felt so depressed that I lost all my joy in doing anything. 

However, as I look back retrospectively, God was always there for me. He remained faithful to the decisions that I made. The bad impression that I had towards the pharmacy has completely dissolved; I no longer feel anxious about work and actually enjoy it! Furthermore, the training sessions for interns are really good which helped me in passing my exams. I also made friends whom I could share my working experiences and their presence makes this journey more enjoyable, knowing that I am not alone in this. I am also thankful that I have nice and friendly colleagues at my work place.

Additionally, I was offered a permanent role as a pharmacist even before I completed my internship. I am eternally grateful that God has turned this into such a beautiful journey. By His amazing grace, I was able to complete my internship smoothly.

We may make the wrong decision or we may think that we have made the wrong decision at some point in our lives, but God will always be there for us. Jesus will be there wherever we go. “We have this hope, as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…” Hebrews 6:19

Sze-Vern Woon
UQ6, St Lucia Afternoon Service