Ps Lance and I have seen God’s miraculous faithful protection, fruitfulness, and goodness over the last four years in Southern Africa during our pioneering work in Africa. We have been ministering twice a year in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and now Mozambique. Ps Lance has also ministered in Kenya, Namibia and South Africa.

Upon first embarking on our missionary journey, we were unsure of what God would do or what the ministry would look like. We continued to walk through open doors, and obey as the Lord led us by His Spirit. The open doors were the friendships that were forged from the heart and through the Holy Spirit. Everything that prospered was done in God’s love and relationship. We flourished as we came into agreement with His love. We struggled when we operated outside the grace and love God has for us. While we had our plans of training pastors, planting churches and discipleship, the greatest breakthroughs seem to come when God began to do a deep work in our hearts with compassion and love. God began to speak to our hearts of His love for the people. How he cares about every detail of every person in every tribe and nation.

We started falling in love with the people, so much so we adopted our first son Michael from Zambia.

God showed us that many of the pastors in Southern Africa had little to no formal Bible training. That although they made great sacrifices with great passion, they were often ‘the blind leading the blind’ (Luke 6:39). The pastors had a lot of zeal but lacked conviction according to the knowledge of biblical truth (Romans 10:2). We believed that The Lord was leading us to disciple the faithful pastors, who would then go on to be faithfully qualified to train the leaders in their church to train others (2 Tim 2:2).

The Lord also began to speak to us about the children, about nutritional sustainability, schools, medical needs and about healing people’s hearts. Many of the pastors needed training, but just as importantly they needed identity, and authentic love. From that place, we embraced and prioritised moving with the Holy Spirit’s guidance at any given time as our main strategy. Now looking back we can see God’s hand upon us, using us to serve the key leaders and pioneer new ground for Jesus and for people to find freedom in Christ.

A summary of what The Lord has achieved in Southern Africa through Lance and Belle’s ministry in the past four years:

  • Serving a network of 50 churches who have joined Hope International Ministries
  • Training over 1000 pastors in Zambia about the importance of discipleship, leadership training and character (through the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia)
  • Trained churches to pioneer life groups within every church to increase fellowship, improve discipleship, facilitate leadership training and accelerate church planting
  • Equipping every church to apply HIM’s Core Values
  • Starting seed ‘Dream Schools’ to provide education for underprivileged children
  • Funding feeding program during Malawi’s ‘national emergency’ drought
  • Daily feeding program for children in our Dream School
  • Two pilot medical day clinics
  • Over 50 miracles of healing the deaf, back pain, blood diseases.
  • The provision for two parcels of land for transformational hubs (1 hectare in Mozambique and over 50 acres in Zambia)
  • 3 Christmas outreaches; providing toys, toiletries, and food for hundreds of families in remote villages and compounds.
  • Led a missions team (from Australia) to lend strength and encouragement to the churches.
  • Pioneered a new student ministry on campus in Zambia.

We are now seeing many of the churches in Southern Africa learning to multiply vibrant and healthy life-groups and churches that are successfully discipling their members.