From the 23rd November to the 25th November, we held our Hope Leaders Conference 2017. We had the privilege to hear from various speakers on the topic of leadership. It was a great time of leaders gathering from all throughout Australia to receive from God.

Our speakers delved into various aspects of growth in leadership. Our guest speaker, Ps Joshua Choi of Heartbeat Church, shared from his own heart and experience, addressing the challenges of breaking past barriers and developing personal leadership. His statement of “Leadership issue is a discipleship issue, discipleship issue is a discipline issue, and discipline issue is rooted from the heart” spoke to us tremendously. Another guest speaker, Ps John Pearce of C3 Kawana Waters, shared with us his heart and conviction in leading a church to win souls in Australia. His personal experience and passion not only inspired us but also encouraged us to step out and win more souls for God in Australia. Our senior pastor Ps Wilson talked about leaders and their glass ceiling; pointing out the glass ceilings leaders may be faced with as well as practical guidance to break through. Different glass ceilings were revealed, and new challenges were given by God.

We also heard from Ps Lai Ling, Ps Brendan, Ps Ian, Ps Torch, Ps Matthew and Belinda Wolter from different Hope Church centres. A wide range of aspects were touched on, which included staying emotionally healthy, leading the millennial generation, how we should intercede for today’s world, being equipped for spirit wars, fuelling the passion of evangelism in life group and the church as well as pioneering new life groups, etc. All the sessions shone so much light into our hearts and minds, changing, and even challenging our perspectives in this journey of leadership.

We praise and thank God for such a fruitful Leaders Conference. As a leadership team, new perspectives, new instructions, and new challenges have been given by God. We also had awesome lunchtime fellowship, encouraging and inspiring each other in the journey of a leader.

We would like to invite you to join us in prayer and intercession for our leaders. Pray for God’s continuous guidance and leading for them to consolidate what they received, and also, pray for solid application of what our leaders heard so that they may truly grow and our church may truly be built up.