In April 2011 (during Easter period), I was unexpectedly diagnosed with brain tumour and had to go through an emergency operation to remove it as the tumour was very large and pressing on the blood vessels of the brain. Thanks be to God the operation went smoothly and the neurosurgeon team was able to remove the tumour completely.

I was well on my recovery post operation until I had a sudden loss of consciousness in August 2012 (a day before the official opening of Unidus). When I regained my consciousness, I was in hospital and was informed that I have had 2 consecutive tonic clonic seizures which caused momentary lapses of consciousness and loss of body control. These seizures were caused by sudden abnormal electrical activities in the brain at the site where the brain tumour was removed (or in my understanding, I had a “short circuit” in the brain).

Another seizure followed a few months later just before Christmas. Due to my recurrent seizures, I was diagnosed with a medical condition called “Epilepsy”. My heart dropped when I heard the word as I had dreaded this condition ever since my ex-colleague had the same condition a few years ago. It is scary as epileptic seizures are unpredictable and you can lose consciousness/body control at any time. 

Since then, I have had seizures almost every 4 months and had to be admitted to hospital’s emergency departments a few times. Each time it happened, it put a toll on me physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I had painful splitting headaches, fatigue and could not hold a conversation for too long as my eyes get tired easily. I had anxiety attacks when I felt my heart being pulled down uncontrollably and hallucination at one time. The neurologist advised that I would need to take antiepileptic medication for life to control my seizures.

Those were dark days in my life when my self-worth and security was tested and I would cry out to the Lord to heal me.

In July 2014, during our church annual Oceania Conference, one of the speakers Ps. Randy Clark held a “Healing Rally” and opened the floor for individuals with a word of knowledge to come forward and minister to those seeking healing. A few sickness conditions were called out. During that time, I was asking the Lord “When would it be my turn Lord?” Then one lady at the front called out for someone with painful headaches and seizures. I was overjoyed and quickly ran to the front to receive prayer.

Since then, I was seizure free for a year and in September 2018, I was fully discharged from my neurologist care. She even told me that I can reduce my medication in 2-3 years’ time as long as I remain seizure free.

All Glory to God.

As written in the Bible “All of you that honour the Lord and obey the Word of His Servant, the path you walk maybe dark indeed, but trust in the Lord, rely on Your God” Isaiah 50:10.

One of the lessons I learnt through this is that as Christ followers, life is not always comfortable. It maybe distressing and filled with discomfort but we must press on relentlessly and trust in the Lord to bring us through it.

Jenny Seah
Tax Consultant/Accountant
Family 1 C (Willawong)