Growing our family of churches in the SADC region of Africa has been an extraordinary journey thus far. The Holy Spirit began to give us a blueprint for building covenant, authentic relationships as part of the HIM family. Initially we had almost a thousand pastors wanting to join us, but God was clear with His direction. He guided us every step of the way, encouraging us to only covenant with the few among the many. He would show us specifically through visions, dreams and words of knowledge who to work with. This made the work a little more fun and a little less stressful.

We gradually discovered that it is the Father’s good pleasure to choose Gideons; those with extraordinary faithfulness and humility. He works with rubble and transforms them to exquisite precious stones. That way He gains the glory and we discover the mysterious, glorious, oneness of community that Jesus spoke of in John 17. It takes time to build God’s family. God does not want another cut and paste of Lucifer, and the fallen angel’s episode. Rather He is painstakingly taking time and patience to build His family for eternity.

As a result of the Holy Spirit’s direction, we chose to serve only 50 churches in the region and over the last few years we have been building deeper loving relationships with the pastors and leaders. They have become dear to our hearts and become our family. As part of this journey we have been teaching and modelling the Hope Core Values over the last few years to each of the churches. They have been training and equipping them with resources to plant churches, schools and farms in order to raise the economic status of the communities. Some of the bigger churches have been multiplying and planting more churches in new nations. Now the churches are excitedly implementing life groups and the HIM core values as well. After years of not having family or a father, they truly appreciate the sacrifice that has been made to pour in their lives. Fresh Hope has become tangible for them and us too.

We have also seen over 50 miracles and healings that we know of. One woman was healed of HIV! One of the greatest miracles that we praise God for, is seeing hope restored in the hearts of pastors as they learn to implement biblical teaching instead of paying lip service to it. We can truly see the joy of repentant hearts learning to be part of the family. Leaders who used to be financially immature start to handle their finance with integrity. There is a long way to go but it truly touches our hearts to see the miracle of repentance and to see them experience the joy of living it out. Orphans who are transitioning into Sonship, resting in the security and love of the Father and family.

God whispered to us recently that it takes time to build family, it takes great patience and the leading of the Holy Spirit because He has eternity in mind. Wow we will be spending eternity together! He is not interested in rushing around trying to save people haphazardly, He is not hurried or anxious, He is patiently, wisely, building HIS family through those who would avail themselves and yield and trust His leading. Those who would overcome despite challenges and those who would keep saying yes to His promises.

We want to thank everyone who has poured out in prayer, finance, and support for us as a family.
None of this would be possible if it were not for the prayer partners we have. Please continue to pray for us that we can build God’s family for eternity.