This article presents the Unidus Community Centre total facility cost into three components.

A) Maintenance Cost
In 2018, the total estimated maintenance cost for Unidus Community Centre is $204,031. This cost covers the utility usages, regular services, repair and general maintenance expenses. This is the regular yearly expense to maintain the facility at the basic level. Some facility services and cleaning requirements are reduced to ensure we keep to this budget. The pie chart shows the allocation of the cost components.

B) Replacement Cost
Other than the maintenance cost, it is imperative to ensure we have sufficient saving to cover the replacement cost of items at their end of lifespan. In 2018, it is recommended to set $85,000 aside for the potential failure of systems like the internal CCTV cameras and recording system, electronic hand dryers, auditorium audio mixer, broadcast cameras, stage lighting console and 6 computers. This fund will be required when it is more economical to replace the items instead of repairing them.

C) Upgrade, Acquisition & Major Repair Cost
Facilities upgrade, acquisition and procurement of new equipment, repair of a major system failure (>$5000) and major facility cleaning expenses (eg: external high walls and roof) are not included in above. These expenses are estimated at least $46,105 in 2018 and potentially increase to $200,000 depending on the major projects like overflow car park project, installation of manual foyer gate system and additional storage space. These are identified as important and urgent items.