My life has changed a lot since I started following Jesus.

Before coming to Australia, I always felt unsatisfied, and my outlook on life was very negative. During my University orientation week, I was introduced to Campus Christian Movement (CCM) when some of the CCM members approached me. They invited me to join their life group, and I was very touched by how nice and friendly the people were to me. They shared their life with me, and we soon became good friends. Their sharing inspired me a lot which led me to appreciate life even more. And as I attended life group and church service more regularly, I learned more and more about Jesus.

Slowly, I began to see how privileged I was. I have a chance to study at a university and have a great group of friends and family. I finally realised that I have everything I need, and I do not need to feel unsatisfied and negative. So, I decided to follow Jesus, and I became a Christian this year.

One of the Sunday services, the pastor shared that God will never leave anything unfinished and that He has a plan for every one of us. During that time, I was struggling with my studies. But I felt God speaking to me. I know God loves me and I want to walk with Him even when times are tough. I can stop worrying as there is peace and joy when I am with Him. My prayer is that I would learn to grow more and more in love with God and continue to have this deep sense of fulfilment in my life. I hope the same for you too!

Ruby Luk
Bachelor of Creative Industries, Majoring in Fashion
QUT4, Hope Church St Lucia