Growing up in my non-christian household in Malaysia, my family did not have a very fond opinion of God and christians. For as long as I could remember, news of my cousins before me who professed to be new found christians would often be met with judgement, feelings of dishonour and disloyalty.

As I got older and eventually became a Christian myself, I came to see that there were a lot of strongholds within my family. As I grew in my faith and walked with God in Brisbane, there would always be feelings of disconnect and concerns back home. As much I wanted to grow in God and serve Him, I wanted the same for my family too. This began my journey where I would believe and intercede that God would eventually reveal Himself to my family too and that they would be saved.

It was while I was at a mission trip sharing the gospel that God convicted me that I needed to share the gospel to family too. I went back home soon after with the intention of sharing the gospel with my parents. To my amazement, my mother accepted the gospel as said the sinner’s prayer immediately. I wish I could say that my family’s journey of faith since that moment would be smooth sailing.

From what was pure joy soon became discouraging as I saw my mum backslide and still clinging on to her old ways and worshipping other idols. I witnessed how difficult it was for her to find a church to settle in and get planted in as well. As the years went by, my own faith that my parents would ever share the same convictions as I do wavered. I stopped praying and stopped inviting them to church whenever I was home. However, as always God has His way. Even when I was unfaithful to continually sow into my parents lives, He brought other people who would eventually speak into their lives about God. By His grace, we came across a church that specifically had a ministry that would focus on the elderly and retirees.

It’s been 8 years since I first shared the gospel with my mother. Today, both my parents attend church regularly. My mum got baptised not long ago and she’s even been inviting her friends to church and lifegroup too. I’m still praying for my dad’s salvation but I have no doubt that it will come to pass and God will have His way with my family as He would with many others that are yet to know Him. Even when we are unfaithful, God is always faithful and at work. His salvation plan to reconcile His people is always moving forward and I’m just thankful for being able to partner with Him in this. Let us continue to persevere in this journey of faith in Christ. To God be all the glory, praise and honour.

Hebrews 10:23 – Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

Leroy Yeow
Structural Engineer
UQ9, St Lucia Afternoon Service