I used to think that I’m a new believer and I don’t know the bible well enough so I’m not ready to serve God yet. Maybe one day, when I have enough biblical knowledge and perhaps know how to pray with others, I can serve in church. Then, something happened. During worship, I felt God’s touch for the first time. It felt so firm and so real to the extent that I thought someone has his palm on my back. His touch brought calmness, and I was affirmed that I am loved. Then, He said that I will never feel ready in my self-adequacy and that I should not wait until years later to serve Him. He is the One who brings change, not me. And He will provide all that I need. “Use me, Lord.” I said. The following week, my church was recruiting helpers for the children’s ministry – no experience needed and training will be provided. I took that as the sign of God’s calling and joined the team. God has faithfully guided me along the journey.

In that same year, I had to do a 5-week student placement in Port Macquarie, which is 5 hours train trip away from Newcastle, where I lived and studied. The Port Macquarie student accommodation had to close down during my placement period for renovation and I had to find my own accommodation. I was lucky to find a place where the landlord was happy to accommodate me for 5 weeks as most would prefer long term tenants. Two weeks before my placement, I contacted the landlord to organise the tenancy, and found out that the room is rented to someone else. I was really upset that the landlord didn’t keep her word. And I was stressful about finding another place that is close to placement or public transport in such a short time. Desperately, I asked three of my friends to pray for me. It turned out one of them has a classmate whose parents (The Roberts) live in Port Macquarie and they can host me in their home.

Just when I praise God for providing me a shelter when I needed it most, little did I know that He was going to give me more. The Roberts let me stay at their house for free, provided food and cooked dinner for me. Their workplace was just a few streets next to my placement site so I got a lift to placement every day. They go to a local church and brought me along every Sunday. I studied the bible with their life group in their house. They also brought me along to the Australian Christian Churches State Conference which was held during the week I arrived in Port Macquarie. It was there where the church leaders prayed with me and I received the gift of tongues.

Looking back, all things happened for a reason and God has always been there with me. I praise God for He is a promise keeper and He will provide all that I need.

Li Kheng
Elevate S3, Hope Church St Lucia