I was an atheist, and I never thought that I would be a Christian because logically, it was quite impossible for me. I was born into a Buddhist family, and I came from Malaysia, where many different religions are allowed. Still, I was never involved in other faiths. I do not trust any god in my life because I did not think that they exist. And if they do exist, there was no response when I pray.

In July 2019, I came to Australia to pursue my Bachelor of Commerce in UQ. My brother introduced me to Griffith’s life group, and through the life group, I had a chance to know about Christianity. I tried to join church every Sunday morning to know more about God because I wanted to know why would everyone trust Him and worship him. At first, it was tough as I did not have the habit of waking up at 8 am on Sunday. But I gradually got used to it after attending church for a month. But the more I went to church, the more I was confused. I could not pay attention during the sermon because it was tough. I struggled to understand what the preacher was talking. I mostly just enjoyed the worship.

During worship time, I could feel peace in my heart, and this was what I was confused. If God does not exist, why would I feel peace and feel healing through worshipping God? I felt tiredness leave my body as the church worships. Maybe it is what we called “the touch of the holy spirit”. It was a weird feeling that I had never had before and from that moment, I began to believe that God does exist, that He is watching over me every single day. From that moment, I know that I am not here by accident. He has given me a chance to accept Christ into my life and become my personal Lord and Saviour.

In October, that was when I decided to accept Him as my personal Lord and saviour. After accepting Christ, I tried to learn the bible every single day to have a better lifestyle and know more about how to improve self-control. It would be a long and challenging journey, but I will try my best to achieve it. No doubt, No turning back.

Aldwin Lim
Bachelor of Commerce
Griffith, Hope Church St Lucia