First Steps
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1605490503wpdm_Lesson 3 My Identity in God.pdfDownload 
1605490501wpdm_Lesson 4 The Bible.pdfDownload 
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Christian Living (Available through mentors or leaders)

Lesson 1: Knowing God Personally
Lesson 2: Matters of the Heart
Lesson 3: Overcoming Fear
Lesson 4: Handling Anger
Lesson 5: Humility and Pride
Lesson 6: The Power of Self Acceptance
Lesson 7: Obedience
Lesson 8: Having a Clear Conscience
Lesson 9: Purity
Lesson 10: Bitterness

Christian Speech (Available through mentors or leaders)

Lesson 1: The Importance of Positive Biblical Speech
Lesson 2: Worldy Speech
Lesson 3: Speech in the Kingdom of Light
Lesson 4: Our Basis for Positive Speech
Lesson 5: How to Establish and Maintain Positive Speech

Christian Stewardship (Available through mentors or leaders)

Lesson 1: Biblical Concepts Related to Stewardship
Lesson 2: How to be Biblical Stewards over Our Lives
Lesson 3: Hindrances to Being Good Stewards
Lesson 4: Attitudes That Make Us Good Stewards
Lesson 5: Exemplary Stewards
Lesson 6: Stewardship of Our Time
Lesson 7: Stewardship of Our Body and Mind
Lesson 8: Stewardship of Our Gifts
Lesson 9: Stewardship of Our Possessions and Finances
Lesson 10: Stewardship of Our Gospel

Renewed In Christ (Available through mentors or leaders)

Lesson 1: The Beginning of Sanctification
Lesson 2: The Results of Sanctification
Lesson 3: The Significance of Sanctification
Lesson 4: Misunderstandings about Sanctification
Lesson 5: The Rewards of Sanctification
Lesson 6: The Process of Sanctification: Our Heart
Lesson 7: The Process of Sanctification: Our Mind
Lesson 8: The Process of Sanctification: Our Deeds
Lesson 9: Hindrances to Sanctification