I am excited to introduce to you to our coming campaign called NEXT STEPS. This is a 5-part sermon series where we will share about why we need to take steps towards spiritual maturity and how this can be achieved by taking simple steps.

Many believers stagnate or struggle to grow spiritually because they either lack a simple pathway to guide them towards spiritual maturity or they are defeated by the gargantuan journey that they imagine lies ahead. However, spiritual progress is more often a whole series of smaller simple steps.

Hence in NEXT STEPS, we will share about some of the motivations to take these steps and to lay out a simple pathway for every believer to make progress. I assure you the steps itself are relatively simple. The challenge is always our commitment to put time and energy aside to learn, to grow and to let our hearts be transformed. Yet those who make the commitments will discover these steps to be immensely worthwhile.

The first step we are introducing is the 90 days devotional challenge through the book of Hebrews. Take this challenge and may it be the start of developing the spiritual discipline of devotional reading of the Bible.

A lot of work has been invested into developing the NEXT STEPS program. I trust it will all be worth our while, in helping you towards your spiritual journey.

Taking steps with you,
Dr. Wilson Lim