One Tuesday evening I finished work, as we were exiting the shopping centre, my husband and I noticed a man sitting on the floor next to the entrance, covered in tattoos and piercings, smoking a cigarette and looking really upset. I told Will to give me a second because I believed God wanted me to talk to this man, even though I had no idea what I was going to say. I went up to him asking if he was okay and if there was anything we could do to help. Annoyed, he told us he was having the worst day and was not in the mood for talking. We asked if he was waiting to be picked up by someone. He said he tried to call many people but no one could come so he would probably need to take an Uber home.

“We can give you a ride home if you’d like,” I said, surprised at the words that came out of my own mouth.
“Why? But you don’t even know where I live”.
“Well you can show us. You know how to get to your home from here right?”

He looked at me and Will like we were aliens, doubtfully agreed and said he had to finish his cigarette first. We showed him our car and told him to come over whenever he was done. The idea of having a complete stranger sitting in the back of our car freaked us out because offering him a ride home was definitely not what we had in mind when we approached him. However, trusting God, we prayed and asked God to lead us from there.

We introduced ourselves as he got in the car. “So, what’s in it for you guys? Why are you doing this?” Dylan asked, still not able to wrap his head around it. “Well, we just thought it looked like you needed a ride and we happened to have a car so, why not?” Dylan said he believed no one out there would ever do anything nice for others for free, there would always be strings attached.

“I think you guys were like a sign or something…” Dylan said as we drove out of the car park. “I am going through the toughest time of my life right now and this morning I was asking, “God if You’re real and You really care about me like some people say then show me Yourself,” and then I met you guys, complete strangers willing to do this just out of kindness”.

Up to this point, we hadn’t even mentioned God. Smiling I said to Dylan, “Of course God is real, He was the one telling us to come to you. Jesus loves you so much man!”“That’s the thing!” He yelled. “This is so crazy man, I’m actually starting to think He really does love me…” Dylan’s confusion now turned to shock as he continued to process what just happened. Overwhelmed, he would not stop saying thanks to God. We found out that that same morning he was at the courthouse where they took his wife and kids away due to him being a drug addict with violent behaviour and was not able to provide a safe home for them. He shared how the only people that had been encouraging him were from the church where he used to go but he never knew if that was what they genuinely thought or if they were just saying it as it was ‘the right Christian thing’ to say, and how all of his friends think he can never change his ways.

“You know Dylan, when Jesus was hung on that cross, He saw something so beautiful in you that He wants to restore, no matter how messy you were. He never lost sight of who He made you to be,” I shared. He reached out his hand to touch my arm, “Do you really think so?” “I really do. If you think that we were a sign to you when you prayed today, what else are you waiting for? All God ever wanted was your heart man”.

Dylan silently looked out the window for the rest of the trip to his house. We could just only imagine what the Holy Spirit was doing in his heart. It was such a “coming-home” moment.
Dropping him off in front of his place, my husband shook his hand and I gave him a hug. He said, “Thank you,” to us as tears filled his eyes.

On our way back home, William and I were completely speechless. We felt so humbled at what God had done. To Him be all the glory, who would have thought such a small act could turn into something so beautiful and would make such a huge impact on not just Dylan’s life but our lives as well. God never fails to surprise me every single time. I believe when God speaks, He doesn’t always tell us His whole plan, we can only find out what is going to happen next if we trust Him, take that leap of faith to walk out that initial first step. You will be amazed at what the Holy Spirit can do through yielded vessels.

Ephesians 3:20 NIV “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”.

To Mi Cao
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