I grew up in a Christian environment back in my home country, Ecuador. I thought I knew everything about God because I learnt the Bible stories since young. But it fuelled my familiarity and caused my lack of sensitivity and a real understanding of the gospel. My Christian journey turned lukewarm because I was depending on my own effort, thinking that I do not need a community and attending church on Sundays was good enough. But through many situations and people, God helped me to understand Him better, and I began walking with Him. I committed my life to Jesus and started attending Hope Church two years ago. During that time, God healed emotionally and He began to change my heart. I also find joy in sharing what God is doing in my life with others.

Some friends from Power to Change (a Christian Club on campus) invited me to do outreach with them in July 2017. I was not prepared for it, I was afraid, and I was worried that I do not know the answers to the difficult questions that may arise and English is not my first language. However, some unexplainable strength and courage took over me. We walked around the Great Court, putting fear behind me. As I was praying and walking with my friend, he said to me “let’s search for South American friends.” I thought that finding South Americans was going to be a hard task because there are not many of them in UQ.

We approach a girl who was listening to a song that I like too. We sat down to start a conversation with her. Soon I found out she was from Brazil! She was friendly, and because our cultures were similar, I enjoyed our conversation. Slowly, we talked about God as she gave me permission to share and she started tearing when I shared about the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ who died for us because he loves us so much. She was absolutely amazed, her eyes were bright and a smile drew on her face. My friend from Brazil received Jesus in her heart that day. I can see it was definitely God working in her and showing me the joy of sharing the gospel with others.

I am grateful that even during my honours year God still encourages me to share His love with others. This semester I became an evangelism coordinator with CCM as well. I still feel nervous every time I go for outreach, but I know that the reason why I do outreach is for His name’s sake, because I love Jesus. Just think about what God has done for you, you will find many reasons to say yes to God calling you to reach the lost.

John 3:17, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.”

Leslie Macas Jacome
Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
Uni-Generation UQ8, Hope Church St Lucia