I have been working at my workplace for about 12 years now. And I have really wanted to see God work and see salvations and lives transformed to the gospel. One of the prayer points always on my heart is to see Christ followers at the site band together and intercede for our workplace. Our site employs about 1,500 people.  Around May this year, one of my workmate, who is still a newly saved christian, started opening up his house so that those who believe come and meet up. The main intention is to break bread and also pray for our company. The meeting would be once a month on Saturday.

When he invited me to join them, I was really happy because it was an answer to a long waited prayer. I couldn’t go to the other meetings, as I had prior engagements, but I had the opportunity to go for one in June. The group was small, about 8 men, but it was a very encouraging and uplifting encounter. We had a bbq, had fellowship, praise and worship and interceded for our workplace. It was quite encouraging to hear the hopes and dreams that we all have for our workplace. Of which most of those we had in common.

On my way home, after the 4 hour meeting, I was humbled in my realisation that even as we pray, God is working in the background. Sometimes when you pray for something for a long time and never see the results, discouragement does set in. And this then stops you from persisting in prayer. That is the the biggest encouragement I took from the night: KEEP PERSISTING IN PRAYER. Pray without ceasing as the bible says because we are the salt and light.

Farai Muindisi
Storeperson Woolworths BRDC
EW4, Willawong Service