Praise God for an incredible weekend with our guest prophets. The words have encouraged, strengthened, adjusted and opened the eyes of many to God’s heart. For some God showed glimpses of an amazing destiny that lies ahead, should they walk in obedience to God. It was a marathon effort with almost 200 people receiving prophecies. Our in-house prophetic team did admirably in complementing the guest prophets.

A few question may arise about how the presbytery was carried out over the weekend. It is important that we appreciate a few key aspects.

  1. We recognise that our leaders (pastoral and ministry), as well as staff, are at the frontline of ministry. The backbone of this house is built upon them.  Hence priority was given to them to be ministered to prophetically. Even then we had about 130 names on the list, which is a substantial number. The guest prophets worked very hard.
  2. At the same time, we also opened the presbytery session to all attendees should the prophets feel to prophesy over them. However, what the prophets did would depend on their personal approach and what they felt led by God to do.  Some of our guest prophets felt to try to minister to as many as possible.  Some were not inclined to do so, and some were not well physically.  Hence, there was considerable variation in what happened in different sessions.
  3. It is important to realise that prophecies are not for “fun” or “experience”. We have a responsibility before God to honour Him and His words to us. Hence, if we do not approach it with the right attitude and perspective, God will hold us accountable for it. For this reason, all those on the list were requested to fast over a period to seek God as part of their preparation.

To those who did not receive a prophetic word directly but were present, I trust that God spoke to you nevertheless. When our hearts are humble, and in the right place before God, we will gain much more. There will always be a time and place for you. God’s prophetic words are precious, and as we mature in Him more and more, God will surely bring a word in due season.

In fact, when we walk close to God, often much of what is prophesied over us will not be totally new. That is the case with the prophecy over Lai Ling and myself as we already had sensed God’s leading in many of those areas. The prophecy, however, provided confirmation and affirmation of what we had sensed for some time.

Let’s give thanks to God for the prophetic ministry of the prophets and our own prophetic team. As God continues to help us develop, there will be more opportunities for God to minister to us prophetically.

With love,
Wilson Lim