Receiving a personal prophecy can range from being exciting, encouraging to sometimes challenging and even bewildering. The typical question for those who are new to this is: What do I do now?

Hence, I thought to share some quick thoughts for those amongst us who have received personal prophecies.

Firstly, it is important to transcribe the prophecy you received word-for-word in full. This helps you to capture far more clearly what was spoken. Often, in the emotional state of receiving prophetic words, we remember only portions of what was shared and perhaps even inaccurately. Do this as soon as possible.

Secondly, let an experienced leader in the church sit down with you to go through the prophecy. To help you better understand the emphasis and implications of the prophecy. Often we may not realise the nuance of what was said unless someone experienced helps us note it.

Thirdly, it is important to have a humble and obedient heart to receive what God is saying to you. When prophetic words are mixed with faith and obedience on our part – greater things can come to pass. Just as I shared the testimony of the young man from Germany who acted in faith and obedience to the prophecy we gave him, every word came to pass in a matter of months!

Fourthly, we must realise that in prophecy, God is focussing on a few areas in your life. This will not reflect the totality of your life. Hence, you must weigh with wisdom the appropriate priority needed to be given to what is raised prophetically.

I pray that God has ministered to you deeply. May it spur you to a deeper walk with our Father and to greater heights in your obedience to our Lord.

From my heart,
Wilson Lim