Take time to meditate on the Scriptures for the day.
• Read the assigned Scriptures for the day.
• Meditate on the Scriptures for the day.

What do you see in the passage? What speaks to you?
• What do you observe from your reading of the Scriptures?

What is one specific and practical way to apply God’s Word in your life?
• Write down a specific and practical way that you can apply a truth gained from your reading of God’s Word in your life.
• It could be a promise to claim, an encouragement to take to heart, a command to obey, a sin to avoid, etc.

Respond to God in prayer.
• Respond to God in prayer based on what you have read in His Word.
• Pray about matters that God has placed on your heart.
• Prayer pointers: Give thanks to God for His goodness, pray for your church, pray for those in need, pray for your family, pray for self, etc.