As has been announced last week, the ‘Yes” vote has gained the majority with 61.6%. Currently, a bill is before the government on redefining marriage to be inclusive of same-gender. The level of protection provided for churches and ministers of religions as well as parents against LGBTQI indoctrination of children remains to be seen.

We have raised our prayers to God, and I am sure God had heard our prayers. However, men still have the freedom of choice. And Australians chose, in the majority, to proceed with the same-sex marriage. Australia has largely voted to ignore God and His ways. This is not surprising because Australia has been a secular nation for a long time and has been increasingly secularised. Sadly, it only reinforces the fact that Australia is increasingly moving away from God. It has also highlighted how poorly some Christians understand God’s ways.

It reflects the great need in Australia for the Gospel. It reveals the urgent need for Christ-followers to continue to reach out and to share the Gospel. As a church, we must continue to do our best for this lost nation. We must continue to reach out to people and love them regardless of their gender inclinations. For Jesus died for all.

At the same time, we must pray especially for the sake of our younger generation as they will face the brunt of this corrupting onslaught in the coming years. Increasingly unbiblical agendas will be pushed upon us in coming years. The church must stand firm on biblical grounds and pray lovingly and compassionately for the people that do not know their left from their right.

Do pray for the church leadership as we need God’s wisdom to navigate through these tumultuous times and make the most of it. God’s Church has operated through the darkest of times and persecution from the time of Christ. It will continue to shine till Christ returns.

Looking to God,
Wilson Lim