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Registration opens every Wednesday 5pm!
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running concurrently Kids For Christ and Ablaze Youths

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Auditorium Seating and Exit
Registration, Check in and Entry
Kids For Christ and Ablaze Youth

Service Information

We will be holding two services in Unidus Community Centre every Sunday.

  • 10am – caters primarily for families and working adults; the only service that provides kids program (Kids For Christ) & Ablaze Youth
  • 1pm – caters primarily for tertiary students

Registration will open every Wednesday, 5pm. You MUST book online each week to save a seat for each individual, including kids and youth. Parents and Guardians, please register your toddlers under 2.5 years old with you. Each service can only accommodate a limited number of people, in the main auditorium and the balcony due to COVID-safe requirement. So, do register as soon as possible.

If you have registered but no longer need your ticket(s), please cancel & return your ticket(s) ASAP so that we can reassign your seat to someone else. See instructions on how to return your tickets via the link above.

We ask that each household sit 1.5m (two full seats) apart from the next household. We ask that you carefully adhere to this rule. Thank you! Please also be patient and kind with our ushers!

Our cafe will remain closed till further notice. We ask that you refrain from bringing your own food at this time. Bottled water will be allowed.

All children who are intending to participate in KFC, will be required to have a ticket according to the class they are in. Parents, please ensure you register them when you register yourself.

Tiny Tots group (2 1/2 to 4 years old)
Junior group (Kindy to Prep)
Impact group (Grade 1-6)


  • Watch video on the website for info on drop-offs and pickups.
  • You are not required to physically sign in and out during this season.
  • On the day itself, there will be KFC /Ablaze signages that will guide & direct you to the right places
  • We also have designated KFC teachers (one on each floor, to assist and help you).

Tiny Tots – Eden (ground floor)
Junior – Moriah 1&2 (ground floor)
Impact – Ariel 1&2 (1st floor)


A few important things to note:

  1. Due to COVID safety guidelines and room capacity, no parents are allowed to stay in the room for the duration of our KFC program. If you need to settle your child in (for Tiny Tots / Junior), you can bring them into the classroom, but you will need to leave after 10 minutes. If your child is not able to settle, you will be requested to bring them into the main auditorium with you.
  2. Due to COVID safety guidelines, we encourage parents to pack a basic set of stationery for your child. Pencils/ Pens and Erasers.
  3. Please remember to pack a water bottle and a morning tea snack for your child. We will not be distributing any morning tea snack or cups of water due to our COVID safety guidelines.

Remember, we start at 10am. Please try to arrive on time or early if you know that your child needs time to settle into their classrooms.

All youths who are intending to participate in Ablaze Service will be required to register through the website to save your seat. Registration opens at 5pm every Wednesday.

Check-in counter opens at 9:45am, so do come early to check-in! Bring along printed or digital QR Code to register your presence in Unidus. Your temperature will also be taken at the registration booth too!

Once you have checked in, follow the flow of direction sign on the floor and head to Bethel on Level 1 Unidus for service.

Ablaze service will conclude at 11:30pm. Kindly vacate the room so that cleaning can commence. Remember to follow the exit directions and wait for your parents and guardians under the A-Frame.


A few important things to note:

  1. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home. Please do inform your clan leader.
  2. Maintain physical distance. Avoid touching or hugging others.
  3. Different households should sit two seats apart.
  4. Avoid sharing food or items. We will not be having lunch together after Ablaze service.

Remember, Ablaze Service starts at 10am. Let’s honour each other with our time too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I be at Unidus for service?

Doors will be opened 15 minutes prior to each service. Please do come early (preferably 20 minutes before service) as we will need time to get through registration and settling in. We may be expecting a queue, but we will try our utmost to check you into the service. Please be patient and kind to our registration team!

Four registration tables are set up under the A-Frame, to sign you into the service. Have your QR Code (which you would have received through email after saving your seat for a particular service) ready to be scanned by the Registration Team. Your temperature will be taken as well.

We have seen more friends join us for service. Due to the increased demand for tickets, we will cancel non-checked in tickets at 1015 am and 0115pm. However, if you are still in the registration queue, we will do our best to enable you to check-in. 
If you arrive after that time and there are still available tickets, you can still register and join our in-person services.
We ask for your understanding, grace and patience in the event your tickets get cancelled.
Is there a private place for nursing mums?

There will be a nursing mums corner set aside for parents at Antioch (ground floor, opp. the toilets).

What if I can’t register online due to technical difficulties?
If you are having difficulties navigating the registration platform, please phone the church office on 3714 0300 during office hours (9:30am to 4:00pm) or email after office hours.
Can I still watch Hope Online?
We will be live streaming our 10am service at Then, the service will be uploaded to after 5pm.
Can I attend church if I have a cold?
If you are feeling unwell or displaying any flu-like symptoms, please do not attend in-person church service, but continue to make use of our online live stream at
What is Hope Church doing to ensure the facility is clean and safe?
Our teams will undertake a strict cleaning protocol both before, during and in between each service. Hand sanitiser stations will be available throughout the building and we ask that you maintain 1.5m from each other at all times.

We will be commencing cleaning of the auditorium once the service ends. We are also anticipating around 30 minutes post-service connection time, so we asked that you would take your conversation outside of the auditorium.

To ensure that there is minimal cross-contamination, we ask that you would vacate the facility an hour before the next service allowing the safe arrival of the next service congregation. We ask that you vacate the building by 12pm after the 10am service and 3pm after the 1pm service. Thank you!

Is my information secure?
The registration system takes a defence in depth approach with multiple layers of controls put in place to secure the data. The approach covers physical, technical, procedural and personnel security. The service and the data are hosted in secure data centres in the United States, EU and Australia. These data centres are staffed by 24×7 armed security, surveillance and biometric access controls. In fact, physical access to the servers that contain the data is not allowed. The service applies end-to-end encryption to ensure that even if accessed it wouldn’t be readable by the attacker.