Do you feel overwhelmed by the pace of your life? Over-taxed by the demands of work or ministry? Feeling depleted, lacking the energy to tackle the increasing pile of challenges ahead?

Perhaps the reason is that our lives are too overloaded with unnecessary priorities, multiple focusses, over-crowded schedules, impossible demands. A kind of busyness that God never intended for our lives.

Perhaps what you need is simplicity. Simplify our lives to focus on what truly matters rather than what may be expected of us. Simplify so that we can put time into what replenish our energies and fill our hearts.

What if we could simplify our lives God’s way? What if we could take steps to make some audacious reorganising so that we are better aligned with God’s purposes for us?

In this short sermon series we will address some of these to help us discover the journey to simplicity. Less can be more.

Join us over the 4 weeks (each congregation starts at a different date in September).