Before I followed Jesus, I was a lost sheep. I did not know the direction of where I was going. I did not know the purpose of my life. I did not know the reasons for doing what I was doing. I was depressed, I locked myself in my room and pushed everyone out in my life, including my friends and my family. The thought of ending my life was planned in my mind, and the only reason that kept me alive was my family. Then I met Jesus, I found another reason to live my new life.

God actually called me back to him several times before through different ways. However, I did not notice it, not until I went for a walk at UQ Market Day. Two lovely people walked up to me and started talking to me. They invited me to life group which is now a family to me. The first time I went to life group, I was amazed by how much they love God and also how much God loves them. I was curious about their relationship with Jesus and I wanted to know more about Jesus. I started to join life group every week, then I started to join Sunday Church Service every week. I began to know more and more about God and all the things that He did for all of us. This love was so powerful that I have decided to love Him back and followed Jesus.

Now, I found my purpose in my life through Jesus. I have a vision, a vision that motivates me every day to be a better me; to love and serve God, to study the Word of God, the Bible, to prepare for the next stage of my life after university, to give my every single breath to run on this path that Jesus showed me. Carrying my cross every day has never been an easy thing, but I found happiness and joy in it, by serving and pleasing Him. I am grateful for what He did in my life, everything, the bad ones, and the good ones. I am thankful for all the things that He gave in my life. Thank you, Jesus.

Anson Lo
Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
Uni-Gen UQ2, St Lucia Afternoon Service