I was not born into a Christian family but I attended a Christian school and was exposed to the stories and life of Jesus. It did make me curious to know more but I always hoped for an obvious miracle from God to prove to me that He was real. During my first year in Gatton, I met some people from the Campus Christian Movement (CCM) booth during the orientation week. I got to know they held weekly Lifegroups and church and decided to give it a go. I wanted God to show me His existence.

However, despite attending Lifegroup and church for a while, I still did not experience the “magical encounter” from God that I was hoping for. Instead, He sent people into my life to show me His love through their kindness and actions. I was left in awe of the “God” in this people that enabled them to keep loving and helping others. Gradually He started to become a part of my life as I kept hanging out with them and attending Lifegroup and church. Eventually, unable to find a reason to deny His existence, I decided to give my heart to Him.

Unfortunately, I kept doubting my decision because I felt like I had made a passive choice to go with the flow and believe in Jesus, rather than out of conviction. But things started to turn around when I got Holy Spirit baptised. I began to experience God in a way I had never experience before. I started receiving visions for others when I prayed for them and was very encouraged and amazed when they told me that it was what they really needed to hear or was what God had been speaking to them about. I began hearing the voice of God for myself instead of relying on others to speak to me. During that entire period, I was still battling with my own issues of feeling unhappy about life and had a lot of lies that I held on to. But the Holy Spirit began to remind me of Bible verses and truths that helped me to overcome the lies, little by little. Out of His love and grace, God reached out to me, even when I felt like an insignificant person, unworthy of His love.

I will admit, life still has its struggles as I am still on this journey of experiencing the full freedom that God has in store for me. But trusting in Him has given me the hope and faith that the victory is already mine and I am not fighting this battle by myself. As such, I would like to encourage everyone who may be feeling the same way as me to not stop at salvation because there is so much more that God wants to do in your life! I would like to encourage everyone with this scripture in Isaiah 41:10 that I hold on dearly to “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”.

Bobo Yu
Veterinary Science Student
Lifegroup: Gatton 2