After graduating from my Masters studies, I started to prepare for my permanent residency application. In order to have sufficient points to apply for PR, I would need to achieve an equivalent score of 8 out of 9 across all categories in the IELTS English test.

Coming from a Chinese educated background, English has always been a challenge for me. After one year of hard work, I have taken six English tests but failed to achieve the required score. I started to lose confidence and eventually developed the fear of sitting the IELTS test. Due to time constraints, I became very desperate in early 2018 and started to doubt and felt very discouraged. I was ashamed of myself due to my consistent failures. I felt that I was disappointing my family and friends. I trusted that no one understood what I was going through and how stressful it was for me. I started to believe that it may be God’s plan for me to fail, so I should just give up. I did not know what to do but cling on to God, pray and cry out to Him.

In February, through the sermon series Audacious, I was encouraged and realised that I have prioritised my own preference and focused too much on the English test. I was reminded of what Lilian told me during service in December; I just need to trust in God. It was God reminding me to trust in Him and have faith in Him. I decided to entrust everything to Him. Be it staying back, going home or even relocating to a new place, may His will be done. I was set free by the decision of surrendering to God. I had no more sleepless nights and no more emotional swings. I had peace in my heart.

One month later, a new friend shared some information in relation to an alternative route leading to permanent residency. Even though I experienced some discouragement and did not fulfil one of the requirements of this alternate route, I heard clearly from God. He told me not to listen to anyone but trust in Him; through God all things are possible. Thus, I took the courage and stepped out. Miraculously, in 16 days, I’ve gone through all the processes successfully and received the invitation from immigration. At the same time, I achieved the required English score! It happened so quickly and beyond my expectations. I was overjoyed!  I was overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness and I just want to share how good God is to my family and friends.

Although I am still waiting for the last approval, I just cannot stop my tears of joy whenever I reflect on how God has brought me through this season. The greatest joy is not about getting an invitation for permanent residency nor passing the English test but having deeper relationship with God and walking closer with Him. This walk is a never ending learning journey but I am thankful that God is always faithful. Prayers are powerful. Keep trusting in God and you will see His goodness.

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Siew May Soo Hoo
Accountant, ES2