We’re so thankful that we belong to a house whose vision is far greater than its resources. Sometimes in the midst of pouring out, giving and serving, tiredness kicks in into our lives and we wonder why there are always more needs than there are finances, resources or ability. However, THANK GOD that what we see in God’s heart for our church is far bigger than what we have in our hands. How tragic would it be if our resources exceeded our vision, that we had nowhere left to grow; and worse still, if we didn’t need God in building His church!

I felt this so clearly the very first time Ps Wilson shared about building a community centre. We were one church, one location, with a bunch of students. The vision definitely was much bigger than what was in our hands back then! We’ve truly been a part of God’s great faithfulness in this journey that’s been fuelled by faith and vision.

As we draw a close to paying off our building loan this Sunday (you can keep giving online until 5th November 2017), I felt God whispered in my heart, “Just because the building and its loan is finished, MY vision over MY church isn’t!” I was reminded of all the discussions and prayers over the many years – about Unidus being a place of restoration & healing for the community, about it being a hub for training and sending, about the generation that would be transformed by the Gospel, about the local & global good that God will do – we’ve seen trickles, but the best is yet to come!

So in one sense, we are wrapping up a great faith journey; but in another, the adventure is just beginning!

We want to thank you so much for your partnership. We’re thankful for you! As we complete our giving, can we also take some moments to pray for Unidus, for Hands of Hope, and for our missions work all around the world? Let’s pray for all of those things that God has laid upon the hearts of our pastors and our church, and let’s pray that His vision will always be far greater than what we have in our hands – it’s in that place we experience His power and faithfulness to win souls, make disciples and build churches.

Chris Bee
Unidus & Beyond Coordinator