The business unit of Hope Church Brisbane operates Unidus Community Centre as a function and entertainment venue. Over the years we have been operating minimally, leveraging off drivers passing by, website and phone calls as our main source of leads. We strategically set about determining baseline data points with no active marketing that resulted in borderline successful years where the business unit achieved breakeven.

Between 2017 and 2018, the team engaged World Class Creatives to streamline our online presence. Throughout 2017, we addressed several issues – Search Engine Optimisations (SEOs) and website content/keywords. In a nutshell, the effort made during the course of 6-8 months improved our ranking and searchability dramatically such that our listing would rank between page 2 to 5 in most commonly searched keywords. Whilst 2017 was somewhat disappointing despite achieving breakeven, the online strategies started yielding better results at the start of 2018 (revenue increased from $65k to $110k respectively). Below are some SEO improvements from 2017 to 2018.

  • 123.29% increase in Organic Search (SEO)
  • 50.41% increase in Direct Search (Brand recognition)
  • 178.57% increase in Referral traffic (Note: Halls for Hire 71 vs 17)
  • 494.87% increase in Social traffic

Even though we experimented with newspaper ads, letter drop flyers and Facebook ads, we eventually realised that given our type of business, the better strategy would need to involve Google Adwords.

As shown in the below graphics, enquiries came from various sources including: driving past the venue, through an event and from a friend, with search engine providing the highest number of enquiries (153 of total 271 enquiries). However, this actually translated to one of the lowest revenue streams, where passive marketing still providing the majority of sales (36 of 48 sales). We believe that relying on passive sources like: through an event, driving past the venue and from a friend, may reach a threshold of diminishing returns. Hence we started to implement Google Adwords in Q4, 2018. Although a short period to date, we have already seen some promising results and believe over the next 6 months will give us a better indication of this investment.