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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to transfers drive?

    The Transfers drive allows for sending large documents between computers and/or other users and is primarily for non-sensitive documents.

    Please do not use this drive as a permanent storage solution as at any time the drive will be deleted of its contents to free up space.

  • How to access file off-site?

    To access the file server off-site, please follow the procedure below.

    1. Open your web browser, enter http://leviticus7.myqnapcloud.com:8180/
    2. Enter username and password
    3. Click on File Station

    Working with files:
    Working off the server directly is not possible, therefore download any documents and if they are updated, please upload them back to the server. When uploading a new version of a file, a “file  handling” box will pop up. Select “Overwrite the files” option and click Ok.

    Image 1: When uploading an updated file, choose the “Overwrite the files” option

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