As people have approached us to enquire about the costs in running Unidus Community Centre, we have drawn up this brief report to help us understand the annual costs involved.

Facility expenses are considered in 3 categories:

  1. Utilities & Services (all utilities and scheduled expenses)
  2. Repair & Maintenance (all fixtures, structures & equipment) – based upon historical expenses
  3. Procurement & Facility Upgrade (facility improvement and additional equipment, systems, etc)

Total ideal budget required in 2017: $284,155.

By the grace of God, we have successfully implemented strategies to reduce cost, saving 22% from the budget.

Key factors that contributed to the saving:

  • 27% decrease in electrical bill due to solar power system
  • 50% decrease in water bill due to carefully managed and effective irrigation control
  • Reduction of regular callout services depending on facility usage
  • Upgrade of phone handsets, telephone line system and internet with no budget increment
  • Many volunteer hours from church participants in admin, project management, electrical test & tag and installation, groundwork, cleaning, etc.

We expect an increment of cost in 2018 due to the following factors:

  • Higher facility wear and tear rate as the building is now 5 years old
  • Recent increment of electrical charges from 1st July 2017
  • Funds required for capital reserve for key replacements
  • Building cleaning required due to growth of mould and cobwebs at locations beyond reach
  • Outsourcing of landscape maintenance
  • General CPI and inflation increase

Other projects we hope to implement with sufficient fund:

  • Temporary car park, additional storage, top soiling, fencing system upgrade, lighting system upgrade to LED, auditorium acoustic treatment, and visual room air conditioner installation.

We thank you for your continual support and prayers for effective maintenance of Unidus.

James Lim
Operations Manager