Currently, the Unidus Community Centre has 172 proper carpark spaces. Although adequate for normal Sunday services and prayer meetings, this number of car parks is unfortunately insufficient for combined church services such as Christmas services, Church anniversaries, the Oceania Convention and numerous external hire events such as concerts, performances and festival events.

To cater for these regular events that consistently reach 600 or more people, it is estimated additional 100 car park spaces are required.

Current Effects of Not Having Enough Car Parks

The burden of not having enough car parks means that during these events, cars are forced to park onto Sherbrooke Road; even overflowing onto streets beyond. Carpooling campaigns do not seem to alleviate this issue. This is not an ideal situation for families, the elderly, and children – as they are forced to walk along a busy and unlit main road to reach the centre. Moreover, some of these events occur at night, which increases the potential safety risks for those who are required to park further away.

Additionally, due to not enough car parks, drivers resort to parking in the disabled slots and bus zones which are designated for fire trucks and ambulances in the case of emergencies. Some cars also occupy the curves of the road, which post inconveniences for other drivers.

Although field parking next to the basketball courts is provided for as a temporary solution to overcrowding, it is not a feasible long-term solution. Overflow still currently exists onto Camden Road, and parking along the lawns is not a practical, permanent or suitable solution to cater for the future growth of Unidus. Parking on the field would cause damage to the grass, cause ditches and damage to the irrigation system. Therefore, this option is not available during rainy weather, as it worsens the situations.

Pray and Support

Currently, Unidus is looking into a feasible construction plan to install a temporary car park in between the Northern car park and basketball court. Please support us by praying for financial provision and God’s wisdom to manage this project!