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WAM is Hope Church’s Worship, Arts and Media ministry and is lead by Ps Torch, also joining with other Hope Church’s around the world in missions. If you like to find out more, discover the passion in worship and let your God-given talent be used, check out


WAM Worship is here to serve the church by providing worship leadership, music & songs that draw people closer to God and that bring God’s presence into His house. This ministry is purposed to empower every believer in Christ to glorify God, and designed to equip every worship minister to humbly serve Him and the church with a spirit of excellence.


God has put unlimited artistic potentials within those whom He has called as artists in His house. He fills them with His Spirit, skills, abilities and knowledge to excel in all kinds of artistic means to bring glory to His name, and to communicate His heart in ways that words cannot express.


Communicating the magnificent Gospel of Christ is our very heart beat as a church! To be an effective mouth piece of God in the 21st Century requires us to be able to use all kinds of communication means to present God’s truth relevantly.

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