All nations celebrate a National or Independence Day to commemorate a major milestone in their national history. Have you ever considered what your key personal milestone day is or can be?

Imagine if you set a major goal (or even a number of goals) for your life. An inspirational goal, a spiritual goal? A key accomplishment or milestone in your life that would mark a watershed moment of your life. For myself, a key milestone in my life is when we pioneered this church in Brisbane. It marks a major accomplishment in my life. It marks the point that I reached in my spiritual leadership journey where I was able to actually establish a church.

In the Bible, God helped the various individuals and even the nation of Israel to remember key milestone in their journey. Often altars or monuments of some kind were set up. Abraham set up altars. Israel set up pillars of stone at Jordan River, etc. That is why we celebrate our church anniversary as well.

Would you prayerfully consider what key milestones to mark in your life? Perhaps in ministry, like when you led a life group? Pioneered a ministry or church? Encountered God in a life changing moment? When your children started serving God? Something that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful years from now when you can share with your children or friends about some of these milestones?