Getting Married

Marriage is precious to God and the journey leading up to the wedding day is important as it lays the foundation of the marriage. Here at Hope Church, we are passionate about helping you experience the joys of a Christ-centred marriage.
Due to the availability of our pastors, we require at least one party to be a member/regular attendee of Hope Church.
Want to find out more about getting married in Hope Church? Feel free to download this booklet.

Please speak to your pastoral leaders, or email for more information.


What we offer

The purpose of premarital counselling is to empower you to make good decisions in the area of relationships and marriage. It also helps couples understand their respective roles in the family and in the family of God.
We do require pre-marital counselling, which can be arranged with respective pastors or another qualified counsellor. Please email to make necessary arrangements.

This course aims to prepare and equip you as you look to make a lifelong commitment in marriage. It will cover the overview of what a marriage relationship is and is not, conflict resolution, and how to manage finances within marriage.
We do require you to attend this class prior to marriage. We run this class once a year, so please plan ahead. Click here for more information on Next Step Academy Classes.

We are here to help you with the registration of marriage in Australia. Once you are engaged in the process, our marriage personnel will work with you closely in ensuring that the marriage registration process is smooth.

Currently, in Hope Church, we have 4 pastors who are marriage celebrants. The service provided by our celebrants is free as we would love to bless the couple.

To help you make your wedding the most pleasing and memorable experience, Hope Church provides affordable Venue Hire service for couples. More details available on