Want to Get Involved?

We are not just a church that does missions. We are a missional church.

Our mission is to motivate & mobilise every believer to fulfil the Great Commission of bringing the Gospel to the nations, to play their unique, God-gifted role in missions and church planting.

Short Term Mission Trips

A range of mission trips are organised through the year, especially during the summer months. We have a variety of trips to locations within Australia, such as Gatton, Gold Coast, SEQ country towns, Sydney and Canberra. Internationally we head to countries like the Philippines, Africa, Malaysia and many more.

Mission Partners in Prayer & Giving

Getting involved in missions is not just physically going on a missions trip. It is just as important to have a home-based support team of intercessors, financial givers and encouragers in order to spread the Gospel to all nations. So, how can you get involved? You can get involved by finding someone, or even a team, that is going on the mission field, and pledge to partner with them through prayer, giving and/or encouragement.


Our Missions Work

Southern Africa | Pastor Lance & Belle

Ps Lance & Belle were married in 2006 and started leading Hope Church Gold Coast. As time went on they began to also become more and more involved with our other churches and missional work, especially in Africa. In late 2018 they both took a big leap of faith and stepped out to relocate to Southern Africa for a season, all to help out in a greater measure with our missions and church planting efforts there. As a result of the generous giving and prayers of the church, they are now serving over 100 churches and developing community works for the poorest of the poor. They love Africa and have also adopted three beautiful children. Your contributions have and continue to make a difference! If you would like to continue to support the missions and church planting efforts specifically in Southern Africa you can find more details by heading to bit.ly/africahope.


Our Missions Work

Hope Auckland | Grace Ho & Team

During the Oceania Convention in 2018, Grace received a vision from God to go to a new place. This kickstarted a prayer journey of seeking God for where, and after 6 months, with guidance from both God and our pastors, Grace felt the specific calling to go and plant a church in Auckland, New Zealand. Although the global pandemic delayed the move from when originally planned, God’s timing is always perfect. It was during this time that God called others to also join the church planting team. In March 2022, Grace finally moved to New Zealand with the pioneering of a new life group there to officially take place in August 2022. Team members from both Brisbane and Singapore will be helping with the plant as well!
Want to find out more about Hope Auckland? Follow them on Facebook & Instagram – @hopechurchauckland – to keep up to date with all that is happening!


Our Missions Work

HIM Singapore | Suzanna Wong & Church

Birthed from a sincere desire to say, “Yes” to God, HIM Singapore held its first gathering on 27 October 2018 in a function room in Bishan. Since then, we have grown to have 4 life groups, comprising of young working adults, working adults as well as families.
In 2022, we are asking God for more breakthroughs as we align our hearts with His heart and we are believing God to help us pioneer a youth ministry. We are on an exciting journey to build a vibrant community with the love of Christ as its foundation and we welcome you to join us!
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @himsingapore to receive updates about what’s happening.


Previous Missions Work Support

Hope Seattle | AFJC – Philippines | Hope Busselton | Hope Hobart

We have previously been involved in supporting different missionaries and/or church plants/ministries in various locations around the world. Those that we have previously supported include: JR & Warinda (Hope Seattle), Alvin & Jace (AFJC- Philippines), both of which have now become self-supported, as well as Hope Busselton & Hope Hobart.



Tech 4 Pastors (T4P)

Community Impact in Africa

We are looking for donations of working pre-loved smart phones and laptops to give to our Hope pastors in Africa to help them in their ministry & missions work. These are beneficial in helping them keep in touch with their other leaders & members & provide training for their churches.

Please note the specifications below.

Smart Phones & Tablets

  • Working smart phones
  • Unlocked (to network and country)
  • Reasonable amount of battery life
  • Has a charger
  • Remove all personal data, photos & files
  • Able to install WhatsApp (minimum Android OS version 4.1 or Apple iOS 12 / iPhone 6 and newer)
  • Ensure the phone, charger and any accessories are bundled together (eg. plastic bag)


  • Working laptops
  • Reasonable amount of battery life
  • Has a charger
  • Remove all personal data & files
  • Software: Windows OS Preferred
  • Ensure the laptop, charger and any accessories are bundled together (eg laptop bag)

Let us know!