Our mission is to motivate & mobilise every believer to fulfil the Great Commission of bringing the Gospel to the nations, to play their unique, God-gifted role in missions and church planting.


In the summer of 2014-2015, we prayed, commissioned and sent several short term mission teams to locations in Australia and around the world. We had teams who went to Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Manila – Philippines, Chang Mai – Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam & Malawi – Africa.

Every team returned with life-transforming testimonies to share from God.

Here are a couple to touch your heart:

  • Vietnam Dental Education in Schools (Feb-Mar 2015) Article…
    Their message for the children was simple: “Look after your teeth” & “God loves you / Chúa Yêu Em”
  • Malawi Prison Ministry in Malawi, Africa (October 2014) Article…
    “Broken men ripe for revival, ripe for a new beginning … We thank God it was a good day for a prison break.”

Here you can have a read about some of our previous mission trips:

  • Cambodia Missions – Youth Camp & Kids Evangelistic Event. Article…
  • Vietnam Dental Health Promotion Missions. Article…
  • Vietnam Medical Missions. Article…
  • Philippines AFJC & Hope Manila Mission (church ministry, prison & hospital outreach, feeding program, and evangelistic crusade). Article…


Vietnam Medical & Dental Education Missions 2016

 We are recruiting doctors, nurses, medical professional and willing volunteers to be a part of the Vietnam Medical and Dental Education Team 2016. If you are interested, please contact us using the form below.

Short Term Mission Trips 2015

 A range of mission trips will be organised for summer 2015. We aim to send teams to Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan City, and SEQ country towns, NSW/ACT (Sydney, Canberra, and Queanbeyan), China, Manila (AFJC), Vietnam (dental or medical mission), Seattle and Indonesia.

Mission Partners in Prayer & Giving

Being involved in missions is not just physically going on the missions trip. The home-based support team of intercessors, financial givers and encouragers are just as essential to the mission teams and short termers. Find someone or a mission team that is going on the mission field, and pledge to partner with them for their trip through prayer, giving and/or encouragement.

Our Missionaries

Alvin & Jace Toh | Manila, Philippines | AFJC

In 2010, Alvin & Jace, who were dedicated leaders of Hope Church, felt a strong call from God to go to the Philippines to do missions work there. After much prayer and consultation with the pastors, we commissioned them to Philippines. They founded an organisation called Ambassadors For Jesus Christ (AFJC) in 2011. Partnering with local churches, they impacted the nation in big and small ways. Their ministries include: prison outreach, hospital outreach, feeding program, pre-school child sponsorship, emergency relief work, evangelism training and holding evangelistic crusades. They have also aided in providing emergency relief aid after the recent typhoon Haiyan disaster in Nov 2013. For more info, visit http://www.afjc.com/

Jirote & Warinda | Seattle, USA | Hope Seattle

Warinda was part of Hope Brisbane leadership team in its early years. After she returned to her home country, she married Ps Jirote. Jirote & Warinda uprooted themselves from their comfortable home in Thailand to move to Seattle, USA to pioneer a church. Their big hearts to love and serve God’s people there had impacted many lives. Their life example of compassion, love, sacrificial love, faith, servant-hood and commitment are a tremendous inspiration to many who know them personally.

Peter & Ruth Truong | Worldwide | Healing Ministries

Peter was one of our leaders in Hope Brisbane. His passion for evangelism and to see people equipped to share the gospel effectively, motivated him to pioneer the E-club in Hope Church – to provide a systematic training and encouragement for church members to share the gospel. God started to open doors for him to bring the training to other countries – to equip other local churches and hold evangelistic crusades. Gradually God moved him towards holding healing rallies where to date, have seen hundreds of people being touched by God and healed. There are testimonies of healings of cancer, goitres, deafness, blindness, crippled and many more. In 2013, he married Ruth, who now joins him in his ministries globally. For more info, visit www.petertruong.org

Oceania Conference


WA, NZ & International

Adults / Youth (13 - 17 years) / Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $149


Adults - $179
Youth (13 - 17 years) - $159
Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $179

What's included in your Registration?

  • A cup of freshly brew coffee each day
  • All meals provided (3 lunches & 2 dinners)
  • Refreshments
  • Special demographic sphere sessions for families, working adults, uni students and youth.

Oceania Conference

EARLY BIRD (ends 31/5)

WA, NZ & International

Adults / Youth / Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $124


Adults - $144
Youth (13 - 17 years) - $124
Family (2 adults plus kids under 4) - $144

What's included in your Registration?

  • A cup of freshly brew coffee each day
  • All meals provided (3 lunches & 2 dinners)
  • Refreshments
  • Special demographic sphere sessions for families, working adults, uni students and youth.

Oceania Conference



$15 (without meal)
$55 (with 3 lunches and 2 dinners)

Oceania Conference


Thursday, 5 July

Registration: 8:30am
Session 1: 9:00am
Break: 10:40am
Session 2: 11:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Breakout Sessions: 1:00pm
Free Time: 3:00pm
Dinner: 4:45pm
Session 3: 6:00pm

Friday, 6 July

Session 4: 9:00am
Break: 10:40am
Session 5: 11:00am (demographic spheres)
Lunch: 12:00pm
Breakout Sessions: 1:30pm (optional)
Free Time: 2:45pm
Dinner: 4:45pm
Session 6: 6:00pm (Missions)

Saturday, 7 July

Session 7: 9:00am
Break: 10:40am
Session 8: 11:20am
Closing: 12:05pm
Lunch: 12:20pm

Oceania Conference


Interstate Delegates

Please book your flights to leave Brisbane after 5pm.

Oceania Conference


10 + 13 =

Oceania Conference

Breakout & Demographics Spheres

Day 1 / Breakout Topics

/ Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviour

/ Enjoying Parenting Babies

/ Handling Peer Pressure

/ Sharing Hope in Crisis

/ Speaking Truth in Love in light of Same-Sex Marriage

/ Apologetics

/ Simplify Your Life for the Gospel

/ Discipling Millennnials

Day 2 / Demographic Spheres

/ Family - Getting Real about Marriage

/ Working Adults - The Ministry of Work

/ Students - Missions at Tough Places

/ Youth - Ready to Soar at your Next Life Station

Day 2 / Breakout Topics (Optional)

/ I want to communicate God's Word to others in a helpful way

/ I want to finance God's kingdom (working adults)

/ I want to raise godly children (families)

/ I want to help someone out of addiction

/ I want to reach communities

/ I want to reach out to my colleagues (working adults)

/ I want to reach out through creative medium

/ I want to reach out to my parents/siblings.

This session is to provide the avenue for people who are passionate about living out love on a particular frontline, to come together and exchange practical ideas of doing it personally or together.

Oceania Conference / Speaker


Rev. D. Ravi Sundar is a leader with zeal, committed to God-given vision and founded Shalom Church in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 2001. Pastor Ravi is a well-known and well-respected preacher who has traveled to over 16 nations declaring the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ in Churches, sharing principles of leadership at Seminars, encouraging pastors conducting prayer drives and planted 76 churches across the countries Sri Lanka, Fiji and Philippines.

A shepherd at heart, he identifies and understands the challenges of pastoral ministry and makes every effort to uplift pastors and their families. He strongly believes that Church must make an impact on society. The ministry of Pastor Ravi reaches to thousands of people across India and his messages are a blessing to the sick, the brokenhearted and to those who are helpless.


Oceania Conference / Speaker


Pastor Simon Eng graduated as a Civil Engineer from Melbourne, Australia. In 1992, together with a team, they pioneered Hope Kuching and the church has successfully produced many leaders and pioneers to this day. In 2001, Pastor Simon and family moved back to Kuala Lumpur to be the Senior Pastor of Hope Kuala Lumpur. Pastor Simon is currently also the President of Hope International Ministries. He travels extensively to minister to various regional churches of Hope. He loves to build God’s people and is actively serving to fulfill God’s Great Commission.

Oceania Conference / Speaker


Pastor Wilson Lim is the founding and senior pastor for Hope Church in Brisbane and also serves as an Elder with Hope International Ministries. He was a former research scientist with CSIRO. Pastor Wilson also serves on the Board of a community services organization, Australian Care and Trauma Services (ACTS) and previously on an interdenominational Bible college. He is recognised for his balanced, in-depth teaching and engaging-style of expository preaching. His passion is teaching, equipping leaders and building the church.  He travels extensively to minister to HIM churches in different parts of the world.