Go Into All The World


Our mission is to motivate & mobilise every believer to fulfil the Great Commission of bringing the Gospel to the nations, to play their unique, God-gifted role in missions and church planting.

Want to Get Involved?

Short Term Mission Trips

A range of mission trips are organised through the year, especially during the summer months. We have a variety of trips to locations within Australia, such as Gatton, Gold Coast, SEQ country towns, Sydney and Canberra. Internationally we head to countries like the Philippines, Africa, Malaysia and many more.

Mission Partners in Prayer & Giving

Getting involved in missions is not just physically going on a missions trip. It is just as important to have a home-based support team of intercessors, financial givers and encouragers in order to spread the Gospel to all nations. So, how can you get involved? You can get involved by finding someone, or even a team, that is going on the mission field, and pledge to partner with them through prayer, giving and/or encouragement.

Our Missionaries

Pastor Lance & Belle | Southern Africa | Hope Gold Coast

Ps Lance & Belle were married in 2006 and started leading Hope Church Gold Coast. As time went on they began to also become more and more involved with our other churches and missional work, especially in Africa. In late 2018 they both took a big leap of faith and stepped out to relocate to Southern Africa for a season, all to help out in a greater measure with our missions and church planting efforts there.  As a result of the generous giving and prayers of the church, they are now serving over 100 churches and developing community works for the poorest of the poor. They love Africa and have also adopted two beautiful children, Michael and Hadessah.  Your contributions have and continue to make a difference! If you would like to continue to support the missions and church planting efforts specifically in Southern Africa you can find more details by heading to bit.ly/africahope.

Alvin & Jace Toh | Manila, Philippines | AFJC

In 2010, Alvin & Jace, who were dedicated leaders of Hope Church, felt a strong call from God to go to the Philippines to do missions work there. After much prayer and consultation with the pastors, we commissioned them to Philippines. They founded an organisation called Ambassadors For Jesus Christ (AFJC) in 2011. Partnering with local churches, they impacted the nation in big and small ways. Their ministries include: prison outreach, hospital outreach, feeding program, pre-school child sponsorship, emergency relief work, evangelism training and holding evangelistic crusades. They have also aided in providing emergency relief aid after the recent typhoon Haiyan disaster in Nov 2013. For more info, visit www.afjc.com

Jirote & Warinda | Seattle, USA | Hope Seattle

Warinda was part of Hope Brisbane leadership team in its early years. After she returned to her home country, she married Ps Jirote. Jirote & Warinda uprooted themselves from their comfortable home in Thailand to move to Seattle, USA to pioneer a church. Their big hearts to love and serve God’s people there had impacted many lives. Their life example of compassion, love, sacrificial love, faith, servant-hood and commitment are a tremendous inspiration to many who know them personally.

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