Written By: Dariel Suri -
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
UniGen GU, Hope Church St Lucia

My Encounter with God

Today I am going to talk about a young teen, who did not wholeheartedly believe in GOD, did not listen to God’s wisdom and who would have had a life without meaning, compassion and love. My story is not some big revelation, filled with brutal challenges or barriers, but a small story with a big impact.
Before my God encounter, the only thing that I cared about was having fun or showing off to my friends, thinking that I was invincible and that nothing could ever stop me. At church, I did not take much heed of the knowledge or wisdom told. I only pushed it aside, thinking that God would have no effects on me. As I grew up I prioritised following the group (or the sheep herd if you may call it that) but never thought about where I was being led. I clung on to materialistic things and achievements (that are) only glorified in the human world. I based my life around those, which did not really lead me to be a better person.

Then one day, while playing football, I tore my ACL, in my right knee. For the entirety of Year 11, I could not play sport, do strenuous physical activity or the things I liked to do. I remember sitting on the hospital bed, thinking my life was over, that I was useless and alone. It was an uphill battle getting back into full recovery. Little did I realise that I was not facing it alone. Along the way, I found new hobbies in the arts and robotics. I began achieving great awards, gaining new friends. I was being moulded into a leader for the small community.

Most importantly, I was finding the love and compassion that God has always and will always give to me, no matter how far I stray. Matthew 18:12 highlights this perfectly about God’s love, that if I am the one sheep that strays off, he will leave the 99 to find me.

So would I do the same? Would I leave the materialistic things, the achievements of man, a life that not only leads to sin but to eternal darkness? The answer is “Yes!” For me, accepting God in my life means all of that and more. The love and compassion shared is something that I want everyone to experience and it’s clear to me now that not only do I need God at my highest but also at my lowest. The fruits of his labour shine brighter every day. I am happy I have a life group to share that with, friends to embrace his holiness and a purpose that I trust wholeheartedly guided by GOD. As my memories fade and my body grows old, I know that my love and eternal hunger for God will remain. Less stress, more faith.

Matthew 18:12“What do you think? If the man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?”