June 28, 2022
Written By: Victor Kwok -
Secondary School Teacher
UniGen QUT5, Hope Church St Lucia

Persevere in Trusting Him

I graduated from a Bachelor of Engineering a couple of years back. As a fresh graduate, the next most reasonable thing to do was to apply for a job, so I sent out my resume to many different engineering companies. I was hoping to find a job but found none. So I continued sending out resumes, months turned into years, and a year became 2, and I still could not get an engineering-related job.

However, in those two years of waiting on God, I felt God impressing upon my heart a passion for education and teaching. Although I knew that God was tugging upon my heart, the stubborn human side of me wanted to insist on what I think is right. In my mind, I was thinking “To get into education means that I have to take up a new degree”. I struggled with that thought. I found myself in a place of comparison, comparing with my peers who graduated before me, and concluded that it just was not a reasonable decision to make. However, after much tugging with God, I asked God for courage as I took up a Masters in Education.

Fast forward to 2020, it was my final year in education, and COVID came. We had to do our placements at the beginning of the year, but because of COVID, we were not able to. So I was very worried – worried about the fact that if I failed my placements in semester 2, I would have to redo a whole year in 2021. It was something I was not willing to risk because of age – all my peers were growing in their professional life, whereas I was just not progressing.

However, in the midst of my struggles, I understood what it means to trust God on a deeper level, and experienced God’s faithfulness. It is easy to think of God as a vending machine – that whenever we pray, God must answer us at our preferred time. It took me two uni degrees, and COVID to truly understand that God doesn’t work that way. Praise God, I was able to graduate even in the midst of the pandemic.

I went on to apply for jobs using school directories and sent emails to various schools. Honestly, I was not expecting any schools to get back to me because of the school holidays. However, a school in East Brisbane called me for an interview. Walking into the interview, the principal told me that I applied at the perfect time, because she was about to post this position online, and they offered me the job in the middle of the interview. Truly, this could only have happened by the grace of God. And even when I had little faith, God showed Himself to be faithful in my situation.

For those who are still waiting, still hoping, I hope that this encourages you to persevere in trusting Him. To trust in our Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, submit to Him, and He will truly make your paths straight.