April 5, 2022
Written By: Aidan Poljuha -
Bachelors of Animation
UniGen UQ8, Hope Church St Lucia

Seeking the Spirit

Hi Church, for those of you that do not know me, I am Aidan Poljuha. I studied Animation in Griffith University and I am a part of the LifeGroup UQ8. Today I wish to share my testimony on how, by seeking more of the Holy Spirit, I was able to encounter God more personally. I grew up in a fairly secular family, so you can imagine things like the Holy Spirit and the supernatural nature of God were quite foreign and doubt-worthy topics to me. It has recently been two years since I first accepted Christ. Up until these past few months, I have still had my doubts and reservations about the more miraculous side of God.

I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit the year prior, but aside from the occasional tongues, I did not feel much in the Spirit and remained skeptical of the spiritual gifts. I did have a desire to know God deeper and more personally, but I knew that these doubts would have to be overcome to know and love God more.

It began simply enough. I prayed that God would open my eyes and ears to His supernatural nature, to show me visions that were not of my own. I began having small visions. As I focused on them, God began to unveil more, visions became grander and grander and meanings clearer and clearer. Today, I find myself receiving visions often. But I could not stop at visions, I still had doubts in other areas.
Determined to know more, I joined one of Pastor Lai Ling’s Prophetic Hubs over Zoom. That night, I received three near-identical prophetic messages from three people who did not know me or each other. Needless to say, I was immediately convinced of the existence and power of Prophetic messages delivered by the Holy Spirit.

My biggest doubt was miraculous healing. Surely that cannot just be encountered, right? I mean, sure Jesus did it, but He was God, going around divinely touching and healing people. “How could someone be healed simply by prayer?” I thought.

A few weeks ago, I began to have a throbbing in my left eye. It was not painful, but it was incredibly uncomfortable. Sure, I had prayed about it casually over the course of the week, but I would just throw it on top of whatever else I was praying about, not expecting anything to happen. The Wednesday after my discomfort started, I finally had enough. I knelt down beside my bed and specifically prayed to God solely for the healing of my eye. When I had finished, the eye stopped throbbing. It has not reoccurred since. I realized quickly what God was doing. He knew I was not seeking Him or His healing earnestly when I threw in the request for healing haphazardly within the rest of my prayers . He knew if he had healed me then, I would not have attributed it to Him. I would have thought my eye issue went away on its own. When I sought God solely for healing and He healed me immediately, He knew that there would be no doubt in me that the healing was from God.

As I continue to embrace the supernatural nature of God through the Holy Spirit, I continue to find God making me less doubtful and instead, growing me in knowing Him personally.

So seek the Spirit and all he may have for you, try to encounter the Holy Spirit in ways you have not before. You might not find any gifting, or you might just find an entirely new way to encounter God, but you will never know unless you try.

Jeremiah 29:13,“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”